J Pediatr Neurol. 2023 Dec;21(6):475-478. doi: 10.1055/s-0043-1771352. Epub 2023 Jul 28.


DMN1L encodes for dynamin-like protein 1 (DLP1) which plays a key role in perixosomal and mitochondrial fission. Individuals with heterozygous variants in DNM1L present with a wide range of neurologic symptoms, including encephalopathy, epilepsy, and motor deficits. Here we report on a woman presenting with adolescence onset of sensory neuronopathy, spasticity, dystonia, and ataxia. Trio genome sequencing identified a heterozygous variant in DNM1L (NM_012062.3 c.121G>A/p.Val41Met) which was thought to be pathogenic. This case describes the latest known symptomatic onset of DMN1L-related disease described in literature. We highlight our approach to a challenging diagnostic workup and interpretation of a specific variant that has not been previously reported. Furthermore, the case highlights the diagnostic importance of utilizing genomic sequencing and research studies for patients with rare disease.

PMID:38481935 | PMC:PMC10932615 | DOI:10.1055/s-0043-1771352