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Human population and statistical genetics

As a population and statistical genetics lab, our research examines the role of human history in shaping global genetic and phenotypic diversity. Given vast Eurocentric study biases, we investigate the generalizability of knowledge gained from large-scale genetic studies across globally diverse populations. We are focused on ensuring that the translation of genetic technologies particularly via polygenic risk does not exacerbate health disparities induced by these study biases. Towards this end, we are developing statistical methods, community resources for genomics, and research capacity for multi-ancestry studies especially in underrepresented populations.

Priority Projects

  1. Global Biobank Meta-analysis Initiative: we contribute to collaborative genome-wide analyses of data from biobanks around the world spanning an array of phenotypes
  2. Pan-UK Biobank Project: we have conducted multi-ancestry genome-wide association analyses of most traits available in the UK Biobank.
  3. Populations Underrepresented in Mental illness Association Studies (PUMAS): we help coordinate genomic data analysis of severe mental illness cases and controls from 120,000 participants from African and Latin American populations.
  4. Neuropsychiatric Genetics in African Populations-Psychosis: we are enrolling over 40,000 patients with psychosis and controls from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda to better understand the genetic basis severe mental illnesses.

Lab Members

Kristin Tsuo (co-advised by Mark Daly)ktsuo [@] broadinstitute.orgPhD student
Ying Wangyiwang [@] broadinstitute.orgPostdoctoral research fellow
Zan Koenigzkoenig [@] broadinstitute.orgAssociate computational biologist
Lindo Nkambule (co-advised by Ben Neale)lnkambul [@] broadinstitute.orgAssociate computational biologist
Mary Yohannes (co-advised by Ben Neale)myohanne [@] broadinstitute.orgAssociate computational biologist
Lerato Majara (co-advised by Dan Stein)MJRLER001 [@] research fellow
Benjamin Finanderbenjamin_finander [@] g.harvard.eduRotation PhD student