Focus Areas in the Genomic Medicine Cycle
Major leadership positions

Co-Director, MGH-Tourette Association of America Center of Excellence

Co-Chair, Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics

Director, Tic Disorders Unit, Division of Movement Disorders, Department of Neurology

Co-Director, TS Center of Excellence


Genetic and neurobiological mechanisms of Tourette Syndrome (TS) and related disorders.

The Scharf lab investigates the genetic and neurobiological mechanisms of Tourette Syndrome (TS) and related developmental neuropsychiatric disorders that lie at the interface between traditional concepts of neurologic and psychiatric disease, including obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders (OCD/OCSD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We conduct genetic and clinical research to identify both genetic and non-genetic risk factors that contribute to the predisposition of TS, ADHD, and OCD in patients and families. We hope to identify novel targets for treatment, to understand the course of TS and related conditions at a patient-specific level, and to better predict treatment response.

Priority Projects

  1. What are the specific genes that predispose individuals to develop Tourette Syndrome and related developmental neuropsychiatric disorders, and how do they work together to cause disease?
  2. How can we use susceptibility genes for TS and related disorders to identify the specific cell types, neural circuits and critical neurodevelopmental periods involved in disease pathogenesis?
  3. What are the clinical and genetic predictors of co-occurring neuropsychiatric disorders, tic severity and tic persistence in adulthood?

Lab Members

Lisa OsieckiLOSIECKI@mgh.harvard.eduDatabase Manager
Evan Realbuto, BAEREALBUTO@mgh.harvard.eduClinical Research Coordinator II
Dongmei Yu, M.S.DYU2@mgh.harvard.eduData Analyst
Laura Domenech, Ph.D.LDOMENECHSALGADO@mgh.harvard.eduPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Marisela Dy-Hollins, MD, MSMDYHOLLINS@MGH.HARVARD.EDUClinical Director of the Pediatric Movement Disorders Program
Danaira MoradelDMORADEL@mgh.harvard.eduAdministrator Assistant
Lab/Contact Telephone

Clinic: 617-724-6400

Lab: 617-724-0994

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