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Extracting biological information from massive genomic datasets.

Our research is focused on interpreting putative disease variants in common and rare diseases to improve our understanding of human disease and the regulation of the human genome. We do so by assembling and analyzing massive public datasets of genetic variation and functional genomics, building scalable tools and methods to keep pace with the exponential growth of these data types.

Priority Projects

  1. Interpreting genetic variants leveraging the demographic history of human populations
  2. Understanding the function of human genes through the lens of natural selection
  3. Narrowing on causal mechanisms of disease using rare variant association data
  4. Aggregating and harmonizing functional genomics data to aid in interpretation of disease association data through directional perturbation of genes

Lab Members

Bram Gorissenbgorissen [@] broadinstitute.orgSenior Computational Scientist
Sophie Parsaparsa [@] broadinstitute.orgComputational Associate I
Jeremy Guezguez [@] broadinstitute.orgResearch Fellow
Primary Email

konradk [@]

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