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Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit

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Computational genomics to study the etiologic bases of brain traits and disorders.

We use computational and statistical approaches to understand the genetic bases of complex neuropsychiatric traits and mental disorders. Multivariate pathway analysis forms the backbone of our research on identifying disease risk genes and mechanisms. We also apply multi-modal data analysis integrating genomic and neuroimaging data.

Priority Projects

  1. Cross-disorder analysis of major psychiatric disorders: To clarify the nosologic boundaries and etiologic overlaps among mental disorders using genomic and neuroimaging data
  2. Genomic pleiotropy underlying pain and mental health: To elucidate neurogenetic mechanisms of pain and their impact on mental health across the lifespan
  3. Neurodevelopmental trajectories of child psychopathology, substance use, and suicide: To understand the etiologic bases of mental stress and suicide risk in youth

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Xuyang Lixuli [@] mgh.harvard.eduResearch Assistant
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