Focus Areas in the Genomic Medicine Cycle
Major leadership positions

Chief, Division of Neurocritical Care

Faculty, Center for Genomic Medicine

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Division of Neurocritical Care


Diagnostic tools and therapies for brain injury

The Kimberly Lab is committed to reducing the devastating effects of acute brain injury by focusing on translational studies that bridge basic science and clinical research. We believe that therapeutic discovery is not a linear path from fundamental mechanism to new drug, but instead a cycle that requires bi-directional and multidisciplinary integration of basic and patient-oriented research. A presence at each stage of discovery—both directly and through strategic collaboration—is central to our mission to advancing new treatments. Consequently, our laboratory is highly multidisciplinary and collaborative, and our work could not be accomplished without our collaborative partners.

Priority Projects

  1. Intravenous glibenclamide for the prevention of brain edema
  2. Post-stroke neuroinflammation and brain injury
  3. Gut-brain axis and risk of stroke
  4. Portable, low-field MRI imaging in critically ill patients

Lab Members

Riana Schleicher, BAClinical Research Coordinator
Zsuzsanna Ament, PhDClinical Research Coordinator
Naruchorn Kijpaisalratana, MDResearch Fellow
Matthew Bevers, MD, PhDAssistant Professor of Neurology
Caroline Booraem, BAClinical Research Coordinator
Morgan McKeown, BAClinical Research Coordinator
Varun Bhave, ABHarvard Medical Student
Ana-Lucia Garcia Guariz, MDNeurology resident